Current Prices at 16/10/19 quoted wholesale exl VAT @23%]

Company Date Unleaded Diesel
Campus 16/10 126.87 124.26
Irving 16/10 114.53 112.62
Circle K 16/10 125.35 124.08
Texaco 16/10 124.72 122.84
Maxol 16/10 125.95 124.24
Emo 16/10 128.37 127.71
Morris 16/10 123.87 122.44
TOP 16/10 124.92 124.47
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Changing Behaviour

The addition of taxes will not change the behaviour of the general public in any great numbers.

What needs to happen is direct action by the organs of the state in relation to its own use of transport and power

Schedule all public transport by 2025 to be electric driven in cities including trains

Switch off unnecessary power such as lighting at night from midnight all across the country

Late night usage of power to be limited to emergency services such as hospitals and nursing homes and essential services .

Cease the school bus programme for other than special needs children . Encourgae cycling or walking no matter what the distance ….It was an essential part of growing up in times past and there was very little obesity as a result (two problems dealt with in one!)

Government driven solar energy on all public buildings ..Museums, Government offices, Sate run bodies to have solar power units …hospitals, etc etc

Multiple Park and ride facilities throughout the country for all major towns and cities

nominal transfer charges from car to town and return

Tax all foreign holidays outward bound with a levy to assist green projects only

More to follow


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Insurance Guide

CSNA Skillnet

Is there anything that I can do to prevent my premium from increasing?
There are many actions with little or no cost that can be done.

27th August 2019

CSNA Skillnet Seminar – NOT to be missed!

On Thursday 12th September from 12 Noon until 4pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blanchardstown the Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association have arranged for industry led speakers to discuss issues that I am totally confident will be of benefit to all retailers.

Essentially it will cover topics of how you can adopt practices that will reduce the chance of incurring insurance claims which we all know too well will otherwise seriously impact on the cost of your already highly expensive insurance premium.

Please don’t dismiss this as “not important enough to take you away from your business”, or “I already know enough about that stuff!”

It is important and you can never know enough!

The speakers are highly qualified and informed on the day to day issues that all retailers face on a day to day basis – and I know this because I’m one of them!

Please contact the CSNA to confirm your place at this free event, (Call 087 3930309 or email )

This event is free of charge and I guarantee will prove highly valuable to each attendee. Please make the time to attend.

Always remember - call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560

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Forced Entry Risks

Is there anything that I can do to prevent my premium from increasing?
There are many actions with little or no cost that can be done.

9th August 2019

Forced Entries Alert

Be warned that there have been a number of forced entries to convenience stores and service stations. All signs indicate that the burglars are highly skilled in disarming intruder alarms, cutting through steel bars and gaining entry. They cause extensive property damage and clear out stock of cigarettes as well as any accessible cash and alcohol.

They are extremely quick and will have fled the scene well in advance of the arrival of the retailer and/or Gardai.

Be aware that these incidents inevitably occur just after the targeted retailer has had a delivery of cigarettes. There are frequently apparent false alarm activations a few days in advance which indicate that they are calculating the amount of time they will have to the alarmed response.

Please consider if the storage of your cigarettes is adequate and if indeed it could be better. Review your intruder alarm protections. Have you an adequate number of PIR, (Passive Infra-Red), detectors – including in your attic? Your alarm system should be connected to a central Monitoring Station. Ideally with a dual link including phone and GSM with a pulse system to alert the Monitoring Station if/when your alarm has been deactivated.

Don’t allow yourself to be their next easy target.

Always remember - call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560

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If all energy is constant and we continue to need to do the things we have always done then how can switching to electricity save the planet ?? The energy to create and use for production, transport and shipping etc is the same ??

The solution lies some where else , me thinks

We need to do less  and use energy more sparingly .

A photograph taken from the International Space station showing the earth at night time with the developed world fully illuminated while the third world is in darkness says it all?

Turn off the lights ..for a start !!


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Electric Vehicles – A view Point from Melbourne Australia

“”So much for Bill’s Electric car strategy.

I recently did some work for the body corporate at the Dock 5 Apartment Building in Docklands in Melbourne to see if we could install a small number of electric charging points for owners to charge their electric vehicles. We had our first three applications. We discovered:

  1. Our building has no non- allocated parking spaces i.e. public ones. This is typical of most apartment buildings so we cannot provide shared outlets.
  2. The power supply in the building was designed for the loads in the building with virtually no spare capacity. Only 5 or 6 chargers could be installed in total in a building with 188 apartments!!
  3. How do you allocate them as they would add value to any apartment owning one? The shit fight started on day one with about 20 applications received 1st day and many more following.
  4. The car park sub-boards cannot carry the extra loads of even one charger and would have to be upgraded on any floors with a charger as would the supply mains to each sub board.
  5. The main switch board would then have to be upgraded to add the heavier circuit breakers for the  sub mains upgrade and furthermore:
  6. When Docklands was designed a limit was put on the number of apartments in each precinct and the mains and transformers in the streets designed accordingly. This means there is no capacity in the Docklands street grid for any significant quantity of car chargers in any building in the area.
  7. It gets better. The whole CBD (Hoddle Grid, Docklands) and Southbank is fed by two sub stations. One in Port Melbourne and one in West Melbourne. This was done to have two alternate feeds in case one failed or was down for maintenance. Because of the growth in the city/Docklands and Southbank now, neither one is now capable of supplying the full requirement of Melbourne zone at peak usage in mid-summer if the other is out of action. The Port Melbourne 66,000 volt feeder runs on 50 or 60 year old wooden power poles above ground along Dorcas Street South Melbourne. One pole is located 40 cm from the corner Kerb at the incredibly busy Ferrars St/Dorcas St Intersection and is very vulnerable to being wiped out by a wayward vehicle.
  8. The infrastructure expenditure required would dwarf the NBN cost excluding the new power stations required

These advocates of electric vehicles only by 2040 are completely bonkers. It takes 5-8 years to design and build a large coal fired power station like Loy Yang and even longer for a nuclear one (That’s after you get the political will, permits and legislative changes needed). Wind and solar just can’t produce enough. Tidal power might but that’s further away than nuclear

It’s just a greenies wet dream in the foreseeable future other than in small wealthy countries. It will no doubt ultimately come, but not in the next 20 years.

A pensive and contemplative.

Bob Morgan”

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Insurance Votes

Shop Insurance – Tips to help fight against Premium Increases

29th April 2019

Questions for any politician in advance of upcoming elections

My friends in the Alliance for Insurance Reform have asked me to send this to my retail friends. Any reference to the blame game being made by politicians between Insurers and the Legal Profession is nothing more than an attempt to turn attention away to a blatant lack of political will. Please ask:

Are you aware that insurance costs are closing small businesses and harming voluntary groups? (Feel free to insert your own experience here).

What are you doing about this?

What about the Garda Insurance Fraud Unit? When will it be established?

When will the huge level of awards for minor injuries be reduced?

How do we know insurers will reduce premiums when reforms are carried out?

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560

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Green Diesel Scam

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Hi there

The Alliance will be updating the Oireachtas Finance Committee on the insurance crisis tomorrow morning at 10am. The presentation will be live on Oireachtas TV in Committee Room 1, 2, 3 or 4.

It would be much appreciated if you could boost the social media presence for this story on Facebook or Twitter tomorrow by liking, sharing, commenting or retweeting narrative from ourselves and ISME, who are also presenting, using the hashtag #InsuranceReform

Many thanks


Copyright © 2019 Alliance for Insurance Reform, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you contacted us or attended one of our meetings about the insurance crisis in Ireland.

Our mailing address is:
Alliance for Insurance Reform
Stradbally North
Clarinbridge, Galway na

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Notice from Gerry Monks

Please copy and refer to your local politicos!

Shop Insurance – Tips to help fight against Premium Increases

12th February 2019

Insurance in Ireland is Broken and your help is needed to fix it

I’m certain that the cause of the problem is widely known. The values in the Irish Book of Quantum, (our price list for injuries), are multiples higher than in the UK when our population is less than one tenth their size. The reward for those either staging or exaggerating an injury claim is unsustainable and the penalties for those caught staging them simply don’t exist.

Many of you will have heard me speak of my support for the Alliance for Insurance Reform and I want to applaud and thank them for achieving the amendment to Section 8 of the Civil Liability Act 2004 where reporting of personal injury accidents have now been reduced to 1 month. This in itself is of significant benefit to our efforts to provide a defence and I can confirm having already benefited by the change.

Yet this is only one of the Alliance’s 10 Asks. It is my view that Government have been presented, not just with the problems, but with the solutions as well. Government simply have to deal with the other solutions which will otherwise see many more business closures and job losses simply due to inability to pay for or even get insurance.

The Alliance is backed by many groups and organisations many of which you are members of. Please be vocal with your local politicians. This issue has to be tackled without further unreasonable delay.

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560
Copyright © 2019 JDM Insurance Services Ltd, All rights reserved.
Information provided by your insurance advisor

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