Current Prices at17/05/2022 quoted wholesale exl VAT @23%]

Company Date Unleaded Diesel
Price reports will shortly be behind a pay wall. This has become necessary to continue the service. It will be quite reasonable but is essential. More anon!
Campus 17/05 178.80 170.85
Circle K 14/05 170.70 170.58
Texaco 17/05 176.79 164.44
Maxol 17/05 177.83 170.86
Emo 17/05 180.03 173.82
Morris 17/05 175.51 168.78
TOP 17/05 178.60 172.53
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Prices and World Order

We are living at a time when “sense and sensibilty” are removed from the Theatre of activities that are currently underway. The fact that this was “planned” by one sovereign state to generate world chaos makes the reality much more concerning and dangerous. The manipulation of pricing  to finance a war that was “planned” months in advance to create a “slush” fund for bearing the cost economically is all the more concerning as there have been many “willing participants”  in this price manipulation . Perhaps other suppliers were unaware of the intentions of the “ring leader” or perhaps they were and allowed this to evolve to feather their own nests ..only time will tell.

The cost to a world economy of the current oil price will be enormous in terms of the third world and their ability to survive. It will be huge collateral damage which has nothing to do with the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia’s Mad dictator and the suppression of truth or the availability of truth to millions of people .

In a repeat of WW11  the Russian people as a whole will take the blame for the insanity of the few that they have -permitted to be in charge .

Life is precious in the western world is now a well established fact that it has little or no value in a communist country . The bombing of residential apartments,schools,hospitals, creche’s, church’s  all across Ukraine and the slaughter of innocent children is not the action of a sane or normal human being.

The misinformation and disinformation being promoted by Russia is having such an effect that even family members living in Russia do not believe their own family members when told of the atrocites being perpetrated in their name by the Russian army in Ukraine .

Perhaps some oil suppliers will step back from this and supply fuel at credible prices to allow the west support the fight against the naked imperialist aggression by Putin

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Christmas 2021

Happy Christmas to all viewers of this site. Thank you for visiting and stay safe for the Christmas holiday and may 2022 bring exciting new horizons and challenges

Oliver Lupton

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Fuel Price Build up Ireland Versus UK

The duty and levies and carbon tax on fuel in Irelandversus UK

Ireland                                                                UK

Petrol                                                      60.77 cent per litre                             68.99 cent per litre                                                                                                                     [57.95 pence per litre]

Diesel                                                    49.90 cent per litre                              68.99 cent per litre

[57.99 pence per litre]

VAT    on duty etc                                              23%                                                         20%

Petrol                                                               13.98 cent /ltr                                        13.80 cent/ltr

Diesel                                                               11.48 cent/ltr                                         13.80 cent/ltr

In case anyone thinks Ireland is ripping off its motorists for tax revenue . While it is high it is not as high as the UK.

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While the price hike was expected and the seriousness was well known. There is some query as to how it is envisaged the economy will not suffer?? The search for alternative energy forms and sources will radically escalate but it will not stop the negative effect on every aspect of life on the island of Ireland.

Could this have been avoided? Most likely not. The only way that peoples habits are changed and conditioning is altered is through price .

Pubs ahve been affected for years with the escalation of price lowering the foot fall and this was well documented before the pandemic.

Electric cars and vans etc will have some effect but the price again is a disincentive and especially as there is NO return for the exchequer.

Public Transport will gain traffic but the historic behaviour has always been a negative and indeed was the main reason for growth of private car ownership .

Time will tell

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CCTV and Insurance

Is there anything that I can do to prevent my premium from increasing?

There are many actions with little or no cost that can be done.
22nd September 2021

Retain CCTV Footage of EVERY incident for at least 2 years
We are coming back to this subject to remind you of how vitally important it is to retain a copy of CCTV footage of any and every incident involving an accident either to customers and/or staff.

Regardless of whether or not the footage favours your defence please follow this advice strictly. The absence of CCTV footage will never assist your defence. Failure to have footage can very easily be used by claimant’s legal representatives against you and will inevitably favour the claimants case in the view of a judge.

Whilst Data Protection Legislation only permits retention of footage for up to 28 days they do allow it where it is justified. It is very simple to justify the fact that a potential claimant is allowed, in accordance with the Statute of Limitations to bring a claim for anything up to 2 years following the incident.

Above all else, please remember to contact us to discuss every/any incident. We will discuss the most appropriate action that is in your own best interests.

Always remember - call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.
Gerry Monks                  Stephen Brack                   Jackie Reid
087 2830560                   086 0400568                       01 2988266 jackie@jdminsurance.i

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The increased price of Petrol and Diesel has been driven by the international price hikes. However, the Various Government taxes such as Duty, Nora Levy etc have added over 10 cent per litre in the past three years and this went unnoticed because the international price had fallen. The International price has not reached the level of September 2018 YET however the pumps prices have exceeded those of September 2018.

This is having and will have furtehr affect upon the national economy as all goods delivered are the result of mainly diesel transport vehicles . A 17% hike in fuel costs will see ALL goods increase in price. Along with this there is an additional hike in Carbon taxes about to be introduced!

There may be a winter of unease ahead

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There is rumbling among the chattering classes that there will be an equalization of duties between diesel and petrol in the forthcoming budget. This will be the most severely inflationary event IF it happens. Diesel is the product of transport on all levels and the effect on every day goods will be enormous.  Bus fares,Train fares, taxi’s etc etc . will all rise!

The knock on effect will be wage demand, strikes, closure of businesses and a slowing down of the economy .  After the struggles of the Pandemic is this what is needed in Ireland??

The reasons that will most likely be proferred for this increase in the price of diesel will be Carbon reduction…It would be wonderful to see completely open and transparent Cost Benefit Analysis of what is going on. There could well be a case for Paying the fines versus running down the race track of forcing people onto electric vehicles which provide zero REVENUE to central government to date .

Prices have risen already quite significantly across the international supply chain and we have seen the effect at the pumps. Diesel is already up over 16% in the past 15 months and petrol similarly.  Electricty has increased in price along the same lines . So why crucify the people with enormous tax hikes on fuels when they are already suffering the inflationary effect from international suppliers.

This would not be good governance .

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Contractor Insurance _ Check and Check Again

Check Contractors Insurance before allowing them to commence any work

We have experienced cases of claims being paid under a Retailers Insurance when an injury has been incurred owing clearly due to the negligence of a contractor. An example of such an incident was where a Building Contractor was engaged by the owner/operator of a Retail Service Station to carry out some maintenance/repair/upgrade on their forecourt.

A customer climbing from his car stepped on a nail protruding from a piece of timber which the Contractor had mistakenly failed to pick/clear up upon completion of their work for the day.

Whilst the Contractor had verbally confirmed that his “Insurance was in order”, he later admitted, (when a formal claim was served), that he had failed to renew and so had no Insurance.

Owing to what is commonly referred to as the “One Per Cent Rule”, the case was served upon the Retail Operator and the claim subsequently paid under their Shop Insurance.

This rule was established with the intention of protecting injury victims where the negligent party in uninsured and a Judge finds that another party has a 1% contribution toward the negligence. In this case 1% was determined owing to the fact that the Retailer had failed to obtain proof of Insurance from the Contractor.

Before engaging ANY contractor(s), insist upon the Contractor forwarding written confirmation of their current valid Insurance to your Insurance provider.

Always remember - call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.
Gerry Monks                  Stephen Brack                   Jackie Reid
087 2830560                   086 0400568                       01 2988266
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OIL Prices – Internationally

It never ceases to amaze how there is a disconnect by the international organisations reagarding crude prices and the world economies.

We are in a Pandemic which is affecting every country in the world negatively and slowing growth and economic development yet the likes of OPEC have forced up prices which are starting to cripple thrid world countries and indeed negatively affecting the second and first world economies too.

Aramco have announced Record Profits from oil trading which is a clear indication of the simplest of fundamentals of life. Greed will be the death of us all.

The current price hikes are NOT sustainable long term

Maybe some one will get that message through however, like the Trump declaration that Global warming was a hoax (?????) it is unlikely  that anyone will actually take note and stop the growth of avarisious profit taking from dire economic straits

The charge to electric transport will be accelerated but that is economically forced rather than ecologically driven

Where will it end

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