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Shop Insurance – Tips to help fight against Premium Increases

15th January 2019

Wash/Clean Floors – NEVER during opening hours

Please don’t think that by putting out a yellow Wet Floor Warning Sign that this will relieve you of any degree of responsibility/liability for persons slipping.

Floors should never be washed while your shop is open for business. This should only ever be done after the shop has closed. If this prevents staff from leaving work at their designated time then, if necessary close earlier to accommodate this.

If a spillage occurs during opening hours, a staff member should stand over it guiding customers as well as any other staff away from the resultant hazard. They should summon another staff member to get mop, cloth, paper towel or whatever will dry/clean the hazard. Putting out a yellow warning sign does not remove the hazard.

As you know I keep returning to this specific subject. I will continue to do so as long as it continues to be the most frequent and costly cause which contribute to the horrendous premium increases experienced by retailers.

Solutions to premium cost increases have been brought to Government by the Alliance for Insurance Reform but until they choose to take action we must all increase our efforts to prevent the cause and/or opportunities for claimants to obtain compensation which far exceed our European neighbours’ levels.

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