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12th February 2019

Insurance in Ireland is Broken and your help is needed to fix it

I’m certain that the cause of the problem is widely known. The values in the Irish Book of Quantum, (our price list for injuries), are multiples higher than in the UK when our population is less than one tenth their size. The reward for those either staging or exaggerating an injury claim is unsustainable and the penalties for those caught staging them simply don’t exist.

Many of you will have heard me speak of my support for the Alliance for Insurance Reform and I want to applaud and thank them for achieving the amendment to Section 8 of the Civil Liability Act 2004 where reporting of personal injury accidents have now been reduced to 1 month. This in itself is of significant benefit to our efforts to provide a defence and I can confirm having already benefited by the change.

Yet this is only one of the Alliance’s 10 Asks. It is my view that Government have been presented, not just with the problems, but with the solutions as well. Government simply have to deal with the other solutions which will otherwise see many more business closures and job losses simply due to inability to pay for or even get insurance.

The Alliance is backed by many groups and organisations many of which you are members of. Please be vocal with your local politicians. This issue has to be tackled without further unreasonable delay.

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