Forced Entry Risks

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There are many actions with little or no cost that can be done.

9th August 2019

Forced Entries Alert

Be warned that there have been a number of forced entries to convenience stores and service stations. All signs indicate that the burglars are highly skilled in disarming intruder alarms, cutting through steel bars and gaining entry. They cause extensive property damage and clear out stock of cigarettes as well as any accessible cash and alcohol.

They are extremely quick and will have fled the scene well in advance of the arrival of the retailer and/or Gardai.

Be aware that these incidents inevitably occur just after the targeted retailer has had a delivery of cigarettes. There are frequently apparent false alarm activations a few days in advance which indicate that they are calculating the amount of time they will have to the alarmed response.

Please consider if the storage of your cigarettes is adequate and if indeed it could be better. Review your intruder alarm protections. Have you an adequate number of PIR, (Passive Infra-Red), detectors – including in your attic? Your alarm system should be connected to a central Monitoring Station. Ideally with a dual link including phone and GSM with a pulse system to alert the Monitoring Station if/when your alarm has been deactivated.

Don’t allow yourself to be their next easy target.

Always remember - call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560

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