Changing Behaviour

The addition of taxes will not change the behaviour of the general public in any great numbers.

What needs to happen is direct action by the organs of the state in relation to its own use of transport and power

Schedule all public transport by 2025 to be electric driven in cities including trains

Switch off unnecessary power such as lighting at night from midnight all across the country

Late night usage of power to be limited to emergency services such as hospitals and nursing homes and essential services .

Cease the school bus programme for other than special needs children . Encourgae cycling or walking no matter what the distance ….It was an essential part of growing up in times past and there was very little obesity as a result (two problems dealt with in one!)

Government driven solar energy on all public buildings ..Museums, Government offices, Sate run bodies to have solar power units …hospitals, etc etc

Multiple Park and ride facilities throughout the country for all major towns and cities

nominal transfer charges from car to town and return

Tax all foreign holidays outward bound with a levy to assist green projects only

More to follow


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