Insurance:- How staff makle the difference !

All staff members are critical to preventing claims

If there is one thing that is clear dealing with businesses where they have an excellent claims record it is where all staff members are trained well, kept informed and encouraged to be part of a team.

Staff members should be informed of the severity of the cost of your insurance and how inevitable premium increases arising from potential claims are a genuine threat to the economic survival of your business and so in turn to their jobs.

It is very much in the interest of all members of your team to work together to take every step to avoid incidents that could give rise to a claim.

For example:-
•    Armed robbery – No hero’s – give the cash – keep everyone safe!
•    Burglary – Be diligent – check locks and security in general
•    Slips/Trips/Accidents – Treat every victim like you would your mother!

Consider holding monthly Team Briefings with staff. Make sure information comes to you as well as from you to staff.

Work together to give yourself the best protection.

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560

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