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16th June 2021

Some very positive feedback
We want to take this opportunity to share our genuine delight with a Retail customer who for a second time recently dealt with a situation involving a customer falling to the floor having slipped and fallen.

The retailer called and spoke with us following the incident as he had done following a previous similar incident. They shared a copy of their CCTV footage and we agreed that if a formal claim were to follow, we had no defence.

In such circumstances for us to give our opinion on the nature or extent of injury, if any, is pointless as only a suitably qualified medical practitioner’s assessment will ever be taken into account.

The victim of the accident although not well, is somewhat known to the retailer. After our discussion the retailer made contact by phone expressing concern for their well-being and informing them that a gift voucher for use in the shop was being left for them to collect.

The customer called to the shop a few days later but did not ask for the voucher. Once again they returned to the shop a couple of days later and this time the retailer identified them, engaged in conversation and was reassured that they were unharmed. They were given the voucher and encouraged to use it as a gesture of goodwill. The customer has returned several times since and has not used the voucher.

Our Retailer friend has learned to employ the simple principle of be a nice person. Perhaps he will remember however, not ever to wash floors until the shop has closed for the day!

Always remember - call us to discuss any/every incident. We will advise and guide you.
Gerry Monks                  Stephen Brack                   Jackie Reid
087 2830560                   086 0400568                       01 2988266
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