OIL Prices – Internationally

It never ceases to amaze how there is a disconnect by the international organisations reagarding crude prices and the world economies.

We are in a Pandemic which is affecting every country in the world negatively and slowing growth and economic development yet the likes of OPEC have forced up prices which are starting to cripple thrid world countries and indeed negatively affecting the second and first world economies too.

Aramco have announced Record Profits from oil trading which is a clear indication of the simplest of fundamentals of life. Greed will be the death of us all.

The current price hikes are NOT sustainable long term

Maybe some one will get that message through however, like the Trump declaration that Global warming was a hoax (?????) it is unlikely  that anyone will actually take note and stop the growth of avarisious profit taking from dire economic straits

The charge to electric transport will be accelerated but that is economically forced rather than ecologically driven

Where will it end

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