Prices and World Order

We are living at a time when “sense and sensibilty” are removed from the Theatre of activities that are currently underway. The fact that this was “planned” by one sovereign state to generate world chaos makes the reality much more concerning and dangerous. The manipulation of pricing  to finance a war that was “planned” months in advance to create a “slush” fund for bearing the cost economically is all the more concerning as there have been many “willing participants”  in this price manipulation . Perhaps other suppliers were unaware of the intentions of the “ring leader” or perhaps they were and allowed this to evolve to feather their own nests ..only time will tell.

The cost to a world economy of the current oil price will be enormous in terms of the third world and their ability to survive. It will be huge collateral damage which has nothing to do with the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia’s Mad dictator and the suppression of truth or the availability of truth to millions of people .

In a repeat of WW11  the Russian people as a whole will take the blame for the insanity of the few that they have -permitted to be in charge .

Life is precious in the western world is now a well established fact that it has little or no value in a communist country . The bombing of residential apartments,schools,hospitals, creche’s, church’s  all across Ukraine and the slaughter of innocent children is not the action of a sane or normal human being.

The misinformation and disinformation being promoted by Russia is having such an effect that even family members living in Russia do not believe their own family members when told of the atrocites being perpetrated in their name by the Russian army in Ukraine .

Perhaps some oil suppliers will step back from this and supply fuel at credible prices to allow the west support the fight against the naked imperialist aggression by Putin

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