FEES on Projects – Updated for 2016

Forecourt  Bureau standard fees for Introducing new business or finders fee and negotiation to acceptance are set out hereunder.

Site Purchase/Sale

Capital Value up to €500,000           2.5% thereof

€500.001 to €1,000,000                    2.0% on second 500k

€1,000,001 to €2,000,000                 1.0% on excess over €1million

Lease – Lease Purchase

Short Lease only      10% of first years rent

Long Lease                2% of first ten years rent

Lease with purchase

2% of first ten years rent . Over time when purchase is completed the fee due to Forecourt Bureau will be 0.5% of the final capital sum agreed.

All fees and time charges to be negotiated before commencement of work required or in absence the above formula apply.

Clients specific requirements being adhered to will require a time charge. This is where work out side the basic remit of procuring a lease or sale of the relevant business or property is required. Preparation of Business models, assessment of potential and traffic observations, economic forecasting and viability or feasibility studies will attract an hourly rate not less than € 100 per hour.

Legal or court work associated with any project will be quoted for on a case by case basis and will be assessed on the merits and exposure that attaches to such work     .


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    Shane, have you had any success with your search? Oliver Lupton

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