Bridge in 2016

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year and here is hoping you have a fun filled 2016….

A friend of mine has developed and is promoting a concept of Bridge holidays in Ireland !! Now this isn’t the Bridges of Madison Counties and Meryl Streep won’t pop up (you never know!!) or indeed Clint Eastwood….But it is a break away from normal surroundings where enthusiasts or beginners or learners can be tutored by a master and still have good craic while on a short break holiday !!

This may suit Bridge Clubs, Groups from the UK looking for diversity and alternatives to enhance or entrance the activity surrounding bridge club days away

Why not come to Ireland and avail of the arrangements already in place for two nights B&B and 1 dinner plus prearranged bridge sessions in great locations and good fun almost guaranteed (see the brochure/Flier herewith)

Check out the dates on the flier below and get the gossip going to maybe take that excursion across the pond in your bridge group and have a short break at the same time.

At € 159 for two nights B&B and 1 dinner PLUS expert tutor attention…….Besides me…..What more could you ask for???

My UK colleagues and friends please share as the bridge clubs are many and the time for biding is short !!!!

May 2016 bring many surprises and good fun too !!!


Bea Crotty-Berclaz

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