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31st October 2018

Slips & Trips – Remove Fire Hazards

We’ve reached that time of the year when our fire fighters will be called upon once again to deal with the carelessness of too many whose carelessness endanger their own and the lives of others. Every year Dublin Fire Brigade alone receives 1,100 emergency calls to deal with at Halloween.

Please make sure that no waste is left outside your premises that can be used for illegal bonfires.

When insurers carry out surveys of retail shops one of the most frequent Risk Improvement Requirements that I have seen over the years is the removal of waste which is regarded as a fire hazard.

Thank you.

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560

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Shop Insurance Tip Re CCTV by Gerry Monks

Shop Insurance – Tips to help fight against Premium Increases

15th August 2018

Retain CCTV Footage – The Camera Doesn’t Lie!

A number of my retail friends have urged me to return to this subject having realised how critically important it is. I will say that I have experienced numerous incidents when a formal claim, (by solicitors letter), is received by a retailer more than 30 days after the alleged date of the incident. You will no doubt be aware that CCTV Footage invariably is lost after 28 days.

In such cases where CCTV footage of an incident has not been retained, the chance of defending an alleged incident is seriously damaged. I will also say that when I ask why a copy of the footage was not made and retained I am told, “there was nothing wrong with him/her” or “nothing really happened.”

It must also be said that the absence of CCTV Footage of an incident is used by the claimants legal representatives to allege that it was deliberately not retained as it would have been detrimental to the retailers defence and in the event that it does go to court it can very easily prove to be the factor that sways a judge into finding in favour of the claimant.

Take a copy of every/any incident that could give rise to a claim. Whilst Data Protection Legislation only permits retention of footage for up to 28 days they do allow it where it is justified. It is very simple to justify the fact that a potential claimant is allowed, in accordance with the Statute of Limitations to bring a claim for anything up to 2 years following the incident.

There are regulations relating to the use of CCTV. For example you must post prominent notices, (for example at all entry points), notifying persons of your use of CCTV giving the Name of the Controller and their Contact Details. See example below:

Above all else, please remember to contact me to discuss every/any incident. We will discuss the most appropriate action that is in your own best interests.

Thank you to my friend and associate Stephen Glennon for his advice on this matter.

Gerry Monks
Account Director
JDM Insurance Services Ltd
01 2988266
087 2830560

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EV Alliance across Europe Shell and Car makers


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The Royal Dutch Shell company has announced it will open up to 10,000 new service stations in the major growth countries of India China etc etc see link to article below


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Crude Production Cuts

For those who watch the global shenanigans of OPEC and the rest of the producer cartel you are no doubt aware that production cuts have been orchestrated over a period of months to drive up the international price of crude.

Leaders in this were Saudi Arabia . Notably, assisted by the USA in the campaign against the Yemen with multi billions of armaments and ordnance.

Poorer countries always suffer greater hardship when the international price of oil is driven upwards but the effect on western economies is also negative with transport costs rising rapidly and energy costs increased a period of unrest and instability will follow.

This is known, yet the agreement among the cartel of producers still create world slow down with out a thought for the social effect of their profit taking(greed!) .

Capitalism would accept that the market can be pushed to pay what it can be forced to pay. Socialism, would strive to maintain a level of cost equitable with the actual cost of production . Communism would determine what you will pay irrespective and do without if you can’t afford (very similar to Capitalism) .

The reality is that the profits from oil are invested in western economies in stable investments (usually) such as property. The real sting here is that a slow down in western economies results in lower latent value in property and lower resultant investment yield.

Short term gain..long term loss over all.

Interim damage is usually huge however, higher oil prices have the affect of initiating research into alternative energy sources for the future and development of many methods of generating energy from diverse sources. When this is successful, as it has been over time the crude  oil price starts to falter as diminishing returns kicks in on the cartel.

This Yo Yo effect is now on its way and there will be extraordinary outcomes and difficulties in some quarters.

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False Insurance Claim highled in Court Ruling

An Accident Claim which the judge ruled never happened was ruled out in Court.


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World Prices for Oil !

It is amusing to hear commentaries on the reason for the rising oil prices being due to disturbance in the middle east!!
All during the ISIS campaign and slaughter of innocence and murder of homosexuals plus enslavement of Yadzidzi women and full scale war in Iraq and Syria the oil price was maintained at extraordinary low levels which helped reduce the capacity of ISIS to raise funds from selling oil through Turkey to unscrupulous buyers . Now that there is an almost effective end to that great war the oil price is rising BECAUSE the war is nearly over and stability is allowing the players to profit take.

Also, the demand has increased due to increased commercial activity around the world with economic recovery being effectively nurtured through low energy cost availability. Now that volume demand is on the increase the producers are profit taking, big time.

Nothing else has changed !!!

The war has to be paid for and this is through oil revenues hence prices being forced up gradually again.

This will continue!!

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Circle K in Ireland

Circle K first station image on Sandymount Road, Dublin

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Service Station for Sale

Location: McKee Avenue, Finglas, Dublin

Freehold, No contract[Images as previously operated under EMO & Gulf Brands] Soil tests November 2017 result: neutral,


[Age: 16 years ]

Petrol   35kl          Diesel   25kl

DSA Licence compliant. Available immediately

Price :€1,425,000


Oliver Lupton

Forecourt Bureau of Ireland


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